"There is a large and growing universe of UCITS funds targeting absolute returns. We want to help investors understand this universe better, and enable proper comparisons between different funds."

Georg Reutter

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Odey Absolute Return

The fund has a strong long-term track record having generated annualised returns of 10.0% since inception versus 11.6% for the MSCI World. With the fund’s historical performance driven by a relatively select group of stocks, investors should be cognisant that this approach has been volatile and has led to sharp drawdowns at times. For example, 2016 was a difficult year for the fund, falling 17.8%, with a large proportion of losses coming from the short stock book (and little support from the long book). More recently, 2018 was a strong year for the strategy. Despite losing 7.3% in December the fund ended the year up 3.8%, outperforming the MSCI World Index by over 11%. This year has been more challenging for the fund, with poor performance from key equity holdings, the key driver of the disappointing returns. Despite the funds mixed results in recent years we continue to rate the team’s stock picking ability.

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Index Sep 19 MTD YTD 12M 2018
AH Global Index -0.17 -0.3 3.6 0.1 -4.7
AH Credit Index 0.30 0.3 3.3 1.5 -2.7
AH Equity Long / Short Index -0.21 0.3 3.5 -2.0 -4.9
AH Event Driven Index 0.08 0.2 3.4 1.2 -3.5
AH FX Index -0.40 -0.1 -2.8 -3.6 -1.6
AH Macro Index 0.88 0.3 4.7 3.5 -3.8
AH Managed Futures Index -2.44 -3.2 10.2 6.1 -9.3
AH Market Neutral Index -0.36 -0.3 -1.9 -4.2 -3.1
AH Multi Asset Index 0.12 -0.4 8.5 2.8 -6.3