FORT Global UCITS Futures


Fund Strategy Managed Futures
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor FORT LP
Fund Currency EUR
Fund AUM €9.5m
Fund AUM (GBP) £8m
Fund AUM as of 31 December 2018
Fund Inception 23 August 2017
Fund Indices AH Managed Futures UCITS Index

Fund Objective

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide absolute rates of return and reduced volatility of returns over the medium to long term. Global Futures consists of a mix of three key components selected by the Investment Manager which currently include: (i) approximately 37.5% allocation to a trend anticipating component, (ii) approximately 37.5% allocation to a trend-following component, (iii) approximately 25% allocation to a mean reversion component which anticipates that prices and returns will move back towards the mean or average.


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