DB Platinum IV Systematic Alpha


Fund Strategy Managed Futures
Fund Geography Global
Investment Advisor Winton Capital
Portfolio Manager Winton Capital
Fund Currency USD
Fund AUM $1.1b
Fund AUM (GBP) £820m
Fund AUM as of 30 September 2019
Fund Inception 30 June 2010
Fund Indices AH Managed Futures UCITS Index

Fund Objective

The DB Platinum IV dbX Systematic Alpha Index Fund (the "Fund") is an open-ended UCITS III compliant fund that aims to provide returns linked to the performance of the dbX Systematic Alpha Index (the "Index") in respect of which Winton Capital Management acts as Index Strategy Selector. The Index reflects the exposure to the Winton Trading Strategy, which is primarily trend-following and based on the Winton Diversified Program as adapted to comply with the UCITS regulation and certain additional restrictions. The Winton Trading Strategy is a computer-based trading system owned and operated by Winton that is designed to provide a speculative trading of global exchange-traded futures, forwards and options markets on commodities (including energies, base and precious metals and crops), equity indices, bonds, short tern interest rates and currencies.


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